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Some of my Books

American Government and Politics Today, Cengage, 2018 edition (20th Edition)

Soldiers in Politics, Edited With Gerald Dorfman, Geron-X

Friends, Followers, and Factions: A Reader in Political Clientelism, U California Press, Berkeley, with Jim Scott, Karl Lande, Laura Guasti.

El Salvador: America's Next Vietnam?, Documentary Publications, New York

Readings in American Government, 3rd edition, Cengage

Issues in Iowa Politics-90, edited by Steffen Schmidt and Lee Ann Osbun

American Government and Politics Today, AP 2017-2018 edition, Cengage, Lynne E. Ford, Mack Shelley, Steffen Schmidt, and Barbara A. Bardes.

Comparative Politics Distance Learning Course Handbook, Steffen Schmidt, Iowa State University

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